Friday, February 12, 2010

FLEX : The way to install all the things that you need (Flash->Flex)

"Oke, so going further with trying to find out how to make plugin components for Xcelsius, you actually need alot of stuff. Since I'm going all out with making new buttons, charts, etc with Flash, then you gotta install Adobe Flash, Flex, and Xcelsius itself."

This part talks about the step from Flash to Flex, how to create custom components in Flex using Flash components."

Finally got the installations correct!

First you have the Adobe Extension Manager. If you don’t have it, then download it.

You can download it here :

Second you download the Flash Component Kit.

Install the .mxp Flash Component Kit file using Adobe Extension Manager. Afterwards, your Flash can make Flex components! Yay! But you gotta remember that those files need to be compatible with the version of your Adobe Flash.
For example, if you have Adobe Flash CS3, then you gotta install the Adobe Extension Manager CS3/1.8.

This is a good website to read to install all those things I’ve talked about :

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