Wednesday, February 10, 2010

XCELSIUS : First step towards making an Xcelsius plugin component from Flex

I’m really curious on how to make my own Xcelsius dashboard component using Flash by importing the .swf file. What are the procedures to create a dashboard component?

I found out other things on the net. One particular thing that attracts my attention is connecting Xcelsius directly to BI. But as I create the connections through LiveOffice, I’m finding out that it’s more convenient for me to connect it to LiveOffice. Why? Well, currently, since the design of BI infocubes are not fully up to me (comprises of more than 1 person in a BI team), I cannot design an infocube to comply with the design of the dashboard design. Therefore, to make up the missing links of what information to display and what not to display on dashboard, you do all that on the excel file that LiveOffice connects to. I also currently think that it’s much more efficient that way, distributing the processing power to other things rather than just relying on the SAP BI machine.

The blog on connection of Xcelsius directly to BI is :

Another blog which catches my attention is “Greater Speed & Flexibility for Xcelsius Dashboard Components” which says that if I build a dashboard containing Xcelsius components, I can use Crystal Reports as a container for the component for greater speed and flexibility. I gotta spare some time to read this later :
also this :

Finally after searching through some lot of info, I think I’m on the right track with this link :

After hours of searching, all I know is that this Ryan Goodman guy works for Centigon and knows how to make plugin components for Xcelsius and that you use Xcelsius Plugin Components to import/install those components in Xcelsius. But I still don’t know how to make a plugin component.

Now this you gotta read some time from now. I think it’s a great blog but it doesn’t say anything about creating plugin components :

Oke! I found it finally here! Search for more info and dig down from this link :

I did a search in and found this :

This thread explains how to create flex file :

Huakakak… and this is the funny part. There’s a post saying this :

“…Have you found and tried the tutorials?
There are 4 tutorials that get installed with the Xcelsius 2008 Component SDK.
Here is where they get installed to:
C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Xcelsius\SDK\documentation\tutorials
There are also some samples:
C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Xcelsius\SDK\samples …”

So all this time, the solution is all pointing to 4 pdf files that I have in my own laptop all this time. Hwaaaaa!

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